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Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering of Mahatma Gandhi Mission College of Engineering & Technology, Noida. The Department was established in 2012, and offers Undergraduate program (B. Tech) Civil engineering with an intake of 60 students every year. Civil engineers do great things for society and are responsible for the infrastructure the backbone of economy; the buildings that we live, work, and recreate in; and systems that protect us against natural disasters. In other words, civil engineers make our society sustainable. With our project-based education, emphasis on experiential learning, and collaborative environment, our students are exposed to a multitude of options in their curriculum.
The department has good infrastructure and is equipped with full-fledged laboratories such as CAD lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Structural Analysis Lab, Engineering Mechanics lab, Building Materials and Construction Lab, Transportation Lab etc.
The department is having well qualified and experienced faculty members. The faculty motivate and guide the students to do projects related to Advanced Technologies in Civil Engineering.
The department aims at developing analytical and experimental skills in students to apply in various fields of Civil Engineering using National and International codes. The department also provides an opportunity for students in improving managerial, communication and presentation skills, knowledge of software like Auto CAD, STAAD PRO etc. The students are exposed to Industrial Training and visit live projects to gain practical knowledge and understanding of field constraints.
Audiovisual classes are conducted as per Time-Table to provide inputs to the budding engineers and expose them to various theoretical concepts. Our goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs.
Department has established Students Society of Civil Engineering (SENSUS) to provide a platform for the students to apply their learning and further their understanding through collaborative projects.
Please do visit our website for more details and feel free to approach us with your queries. I wish a very best of luck to the students.

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has started in 2012-13 which offers undergraduate course admitting 60 students.

Civil Engineering is the oldest and most respected discipline of all engineering fields

The department has established well equipped laboratories which adequately fulfill the requirements of undergraduate course. These labs are equipped with all the modern testing, measuring and other instruments.

Engineering Mechanics Lab:

Universal Testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Screw Jack Apparatus, Worm & Worm Wheel Apparatus, Simply supported & Cantilever beam, etc

Fluid Mechanics Lab:

Reynolds Apparatus, Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Wind Tunnel, etc.

Surveying Lab:

Total Station (Builder 405 Leica Make), Auto level (Jogger 20 Leica Make), Standard Vernier Theodolite

Structural Analysis - I lab:

Flexural Rigidity apparatus, Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem apparatus, Three hinge arch apparatus, two hinge apparatus, Curved member apparatus, Three member structural frame, Unsymmetrical Bending apparatus, Behavior of Column and struts apparatus, etc.

Geoinformatics lab:

Total Station (Builder 405 Leica Make), Standard Vernier Theodolite, GPS, etc

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines lab

Pelton Turbine Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Hydraulic Ram Test Rig, Double Stage Air Compressor Test Rig , Tilting Flume, etc.

Building Material Construction lab

Aggregate Crushing value test apparatus, Tamping Rod, Aggregate Impact Value test apparatus, Le Chatlier Mould, Vicat Needle apparatus, Compression Machine, Buoyancy Balance,etc

Transportation Lab

Los Angeles Abrasion machine, Standard Penetrometer, Softenening Point Apparatus, Ductility Testing Machine, Pensky Martin Flash And Fire point Apparatus, etc

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Casagrande’s Liquid Limit Apparatus, Cylindrical mould of Non Corrodible material for proctor test, Falling head permeameter, Direct shear test apparatus, Dynamic cone penetration apparatus

Environmental Lab

BOD Incubator, COD Incubator, Digital TDS meter, Digital Conductivity meter, Sound Level meter, etc

Department provides exposure to its students to software’s like

Sr Software Description
1 AUTO CAD Civil AutoCAD Civil software is a civil engineering design and documentation solution that supports Building Information Modeling workflows.
It is used for designing, drafting and documentation, analysis, defining workflows, surveying and mapping of civil projects.
2 Civil Surveying and Mapping Software ( CASS 2008 South Make 9.0 version) CASS, a user-friendly mapping solution, helps you from downloading, inputting and processing measured data to generating desired result. The powerful Auto Cad based feature makes CASS2008 very convenient for graphic design and processing. This versatile package, integrating topographical, cad-astral, and spatial data basing, engineering application, earthwork calculation all in one, provides your variety of sharp features and functionality for your office operation and tailored to your diverse needs of field to finish.
3 Bentley Academic Perpetual License With Bentley Student Server (Network based licenses) Bentley has a comprehensive portfolio of proven applications that help engineers, architects, contractors, governments, institutions, utilities and owner-operators design, build and operate more productively, collaborate more globally and deliver infrastructure assets that perform more sustainably.

Department is in the process of procuring other software’s like Prime Vera, etc to further horn their skills.

Civil engineering is the one of the oldest and popular branch in engineering which had served great and innovative engineering techniques in the field of construction and designing which can be seen and observed around us.

Scope of civil engineering and job opportunities is well known in public and private sectors.

There are different exams conducted by centre and state government demanding civil engineering as degree in eligibility. Organizations like Public Welfare Department (PWD), Central Road Research of India (CRRI), Indian railways, National Highway Authority of India, Irrigation Department and many more organization which do public interest works accordingly by government.

Private industries like cement industry, infrastustctre construction maintenance and designing also hire civil engineers for their firms.

Civil engineering also have opportunity to be class A and B officers by giving exams like civil engineering services (IES) as Assistant engineer and Junior Engineer post through staff selection commission(SSC) that is conducted every year.
India top job is Indian administration services (IAS) which has a provision for civil engineers that they are eligible for the exam.

There is vast scope of civil engineering in our society in our country as well as in other countries.

There is huge demand of civil engineers which diversified in any field of any industries.

Ms D Durgesh Nandini

B.Tech , M.Tech.
Assistant Professor (HOD)

Ms Charu Bajpai

Assistant Professor

Ms Pragya Tiwari

B.Tech , M.Tech.
Assistant Professor

Mr Ankit Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

Mr Siddharth Gautam

Assistant Professor


B.Tech, M.Tech
Assistant Professor

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