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Zafaryab Haider 0709510060
Aligarh Muslim University , Assistant Professor

A proud MGMite, I look back at my four years in MGM as my best learning experience. The dedicated and friendly faculty has facilitated me to always ascend higher. Rekindling and strengthening ties with MGM is a desire and dream. As an alumnus and academician, I would be honoured to interact, guide and assist the younger zealous MGMites.

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Ayushi Sharma 1209510015
Ingenious Corporate Solutions pvt. Ltd , Techno- Functional Consultant

Its been a wonderful and unforgettable experience to be a part of MGM.

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GOURAV VERMA 1009531038

MGM COET has been a crucial milestone in my journey. It has acted as a stepping stone for my success graph. The teachers are supportive and keep a student oriented attitude. This provides a great learning opportunity to students. The classes are guided by rational structured courses and cogent reasoning to understand the concept and their applications. The college strives to develop and nurture other aspects of the personality by conducting entrepreneurial, cultural and sports events. I am grateful to be a part of such an institution.

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Bhaskar Pandey 1309510015
Emerson Automation Solutions , Graduate Engineer Trainee

Loved my college life and earned some gem like friends and great mentors.

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Gaurav Kumar 1309531012
ITAS innovations pvt. ltd , Software Engineer

Thank you MGM for so much support and love.

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Shiv Kant Yadav 0309513049
IDC Technologies Inc. , Manager HR

MGM like a tample for me , Where I have learn alot of thing , by which I got success. I am missing all staff of Our MGM college.I want to pay special thanks to Wagh Sir, He help me a lot in my college life.

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Simran Manchanda 1309510060
Appster , Software test engineer-QA

MGM is one of the best college among all colleges in noida,helpful teachers,lots of events to learn something new,i proud to be a part of MGM COET

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Manisha yadav 1409510902
N/A , N/A

The support received from teachers, their influence, and their genuine advice was the best guidance for the student.

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Amit singh rawat 1309510007
Vserv , software developer

The support received from teachers, their influence, and their genuine advice was the best guidance for the student

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Tanya Bhardwaj 1009531096
Careernet Technologies , HR Consultant Level 2

It seems like just yesterday that I was going through the prospectus of the college and realizing I wanted to study there. Choosing MGM has been the best decision I have made to date. The faculties are really fantastic! I still share that bond with my faculties here. I am grateful that they have always supported me in every field be it studies or other co-curriculum activies. Actually I got to know what is life, how to deal with it, lots of learning in terms of both education and life. I like the fact that we are given the freedom to explore and develop our creative side. I am really looking forward to being a part of this Alumni being conducted next year.

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Aristocrat Technologies Noida , Technical Lead

The years spent at the campus were the most enthralling in my life so far, the learnings inculcated not only to me but all of the students and my friends have proved out to be the most valuable part of our life which has helped us to stand and walk the path of life.

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When ever I thought about college recall all memory which experience it's awesome unforgettable our failure, struggle and as well as achievement totally connected through life

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Akanksha Singh 0809533011
Knoldus Softwares , Software Engineer

Has a wonderful memories associated with the place and a great place which brought a transformation as a whole.

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Prateek Narula 1009510056
TU- Berlin, Berlin, Germany , Master's Student

first home apart from actual home where I learnt to be best amongst better

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Piyush Rangani 0809533045
Amazon Development Center , Sr. Data Engineer

I learned my basic lessons of leadership at MGM.

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Riya Chakraborty 0909540039
Steag Energy Services , Asst Manager - Commercial

Life changing experience which made me what I am today, a confident and independent person.

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Saurabh Kumar Gupta 0609513042
Tech Mahindra , Test Lead

MGM Group is quite transparent in its processes.

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Navneet joshi 1209540035
Fleet gaskets india pvt. Ltd. , Design engineer and laser technology adviser

'MGM' this belongs to my personality, my education, my attitude, my confidence,etc.... A lot of memories i have with this institution and most of them are unforgettable specially the tjme when i was cultural secy or jt secy. Respect from juniors, love and guidance from seniors, knowledge from faculties ... Ufff a lot to say but atlast i have just few words to say that i am proud to be an alumini od MGM.

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Ayushi Sharma 1209510015
Ingenious Corporate Solutions pvt. Ltd , Techno- Functional Consultant

The moments lived here will be cherished. Thanks for making me what I am today.

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Raghav Mital 0909533055
XL Catlin , Senior Incident Manager

It was great to be a part of MGM.

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Ila Varshney 0809533031
Home maker , Home maker

Most memorable and best part of life.

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sanjay singh 0409510031
doing own bussiness , owner

my time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general and eventually will enable me to hopefully become more successful in life when I finally graduate and get my degree.

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Shobhit Agarwal 0909510041
CISCO , Software development Engineer

Had it not been MGM, I won't be a software development engineer at CISCO. All credits to MGM, its super awesome lecturers, and college discipline. Thanks, won't be enough to express my gratitude

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Anurag Gupta 0309513009
Accenture , Team Lead Application Development

Its been always a memorable and wonderful time for me throughout life now, when I attended college in MGM from 2003 to 2007, always cherish those days.

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Vishal Singhal 1309510066
Hitachi Solutions India , Software Developer

I would cherish every day with “MGM”. It was a journey which has enhanced my personality and groomed me at many phases. Meanwhile this journey I felt love, care, guidance, and lots more. I wish to be here again but then not as a student, as a guest. I am gonna work so hard to turn up this in reality and make my teachers proud.

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Suryakant Rout 0909513041
NCR CORPORATION , Software developer

Learnt so many valuable things

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Jitesh sharma 1209531013
Wipro teachnologies , Engineer

Everything which i learn in collage is important. Best part was it tought me how to do a multitask at the same point of time.Collage envirment, Principal sir , Teaching staff ,non teaching staff are very supportive.

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Rishabh Srivastava 0709510045
Xavient Information Systems, USA , Sr. Software Engineer

It gives me immense pleasure to let everyone know that I have completed by bachelors from Mahatama Gandhi Missions College, Noida. Even to all my cousins/friends' brothers sisters I advise them to go to MGM if you really wanna focus on the education. I still remember those college days - those were really the best days of my life. Hanging out with friends/lectures/a big playground to play/sit in winters/chilling in nearby malls... :) Thanks to all my teachers who helped me out at ever stage.

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Aditi Aggarwwal 0509510006
Larsen & Toubro , Assistant Manager

College time is the best time of our life and I am glad to have spent it at MGM's. The teachers and the facilities, specially the extra curricular have helped us shape our overall personality. Thank you MGM for being a staircase of our journey to reach the top.

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Dharmendra Singh 0009510016
Oracle , Manager, managed cloud

Being the first batch, college will always remain special to our heart. It was like two young kids growing together. Apart from strong academics, we were blessed with the best cricket ground and there was a very strong sports culture in college. I hope the legacy continues. Wishing all the best to future students.

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